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Địa chỉ website chính thức: www.dhpiza.danang.gov.vn
Hoa Khanh Industrial Zone
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1. Location: Lien Chieu District, Danang city

- Distance to Tien Sa Seaport: 20 km

- Distance to Da Nanang International Airport: 10 km

- Distance to Train Station: 09 km

2. Total planning area: 394 ha (of which 303,93 ha are available for renting)

(For further information, investors can access following website address: www.iza.danang.gov.vn)

3. Land leasing price and infrastructure using fee

3.1. Land leasing price (until 2046)

Payment method

Unit (VND/m2/year)

Annually (will not change over 5 years)


Once for whole leasing term


* In case land used for providing services, leasing price will be 30% higher than above price

3.2. Infrastructure using fee (IUF)

Type of IUF


Payment method

Infrastructure using

8,000 (VND/m2/year)

Annually (from the operating date of project)

Wastewater treatment

6,873 (VND/m3)


* All fees and price are up to present time, and could be changed in the future by competence authorities and Industrial Zones Investors   

4. Industrial Zone Investor: Danang Industrial Zone Infrastructure Development and Exploitation Company (Daizico)

- Address: 3rd and 4th Floor, 58 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Hai Chau District, Danang city

- Tel: 84-0236.3886.159                                 - Fax: 84-0236.3886.157

- Email: daizico@danang.gov.vn

5. Master Planning Map of Hoa Khanh IZ: (Updated on January, 2018)

(Access from here:)

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(0236) 3 830 017

Fax: (0236) 3 830 015


Tầng 30, Trung tâm hành chính -

Số 24 Trần Phú, TP Đà Nẵng



Bản quyền thuộc Ban quản lý Khu công nghệ cao và các khu công nghiệp.

Chịu trách nhiệm nội dung: Phó Trưởng ban Lê Hoàng Đức - Trưởng Ban Biên tập

Địa chỉ: Tầng 30, Trung tâm hành chính TP.Đà Nẵng

Email: diepza@danang.gov.vn

Điện thoại: (0236) 3.830.017 Fax: (0236) 3.830.015