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Danang Seafood Industrial Zone
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1. Location: Son Tra District, Danang city

- Distance to Tien Sa Seaport: 03 km

- Distance to Danang International Airport: 05 km

- Distance to City Centre: 3.5 km

- Distance to Train Station: 05 km

2. Total planning area: 56.63 ha (of which 45.72 ha are available for renting)

(At present, occupancy rate is over 75%. The remaining land will be planned for arranging relocation and clearance projects for urban embellishment under decision making of the People’s Committee of Danang city)

3. Land leasing price and infrastructure using fee

3.1. Land leasing price (until 2046)

Payment method

Unit (VND/m2/year)

Annually (will not change over 5 years)


Once for whole leasing term


* In case land used for providing services, leasing price will be 30% higher than above price

3.2. Infrastructure using fee (IUF)

Type of IUF


Payment method

Infrastructure using

8,000 (VND/m2/year)

Annually (from the operating date of project)

Wastewater treatment

5,600 (VND/m3)


* All fees and price are up to present time, and could be changed in the future by competence authorities and Industrial Zones Investors

4. Industrial Zone Investor: Danang Industrial Zone Infrastructure Development and Exploitation Company (Daizico)

- Address: 3rd and 4th Floor, 58 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Hai Chau District, Danang city

- Tel: 84-0236.3886.159                                 - Fax: 84-0236.3886.157

- Email: daizico@danang.gov.vn

5. Master Planning Map of Danang Seafood Industrial Zone: (Updated on January, 2018)

(Access from here:)

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